Plåsterskoj – Band-Aid fun

Jag vet. Det här är lite galet… Men om man har lite tråkigt en dag och känner för ett litet enkelt pyssel, så kan det vara en kul grej. Mina barn gillar plåster (tror att det är många föräldrar som känner igen det fenomenet). Det spelar liksom ingen roll om det blöder eller ej, har man gjort illa sig så behöver man ett plåster. Det gör mindre ont då, helt klart. 😉

Du behöver: Textilplåster, dubbelhäftande tejp, tygbitar och en sax.
I know. This is a little bit crazy … But if you got some time on your hands and feel like making a quick and simple craft, well then this could be fun. My kids are big fans of patches/Band-Aids (I think perhaps many parents can recognize this phenomenon). It really doesn’t matter if there’s any blood involved or not, if you got hurt you need a patch. It kind of makes the pain all better. 😉

You will need: Fabric Band-Aids, double sided adhesive tape, pieces of cloth and a pair of scissors.

Täck plåstrets framsida med dubbelhäftande tejp. Lägg din tygbit på. Klipp runt. Klart! /
Cover the front of the Band-Aid with double sided adhesive tape. Place your fabric scrap on top. Cut around the edges. Your done!  

Ps. Jag misstänker att dessa plåster är mest lämpade för mindre småsår eller skador som inte blöder (typ blånaglar ;-)) eftersom de antagligen inte “andas” så bra med tanke på den dubbelhäftande tejpen. /

Note: I suspect that these patches are best suited for small cuts or injuries that do not bleed (like a bruised nail ;-)) since the probably don’t “breathe” as well considering the adhesive tape. 

Inspiration till detta pyssel hittade jag på The Pink Couch. /
I found inspiration for this craft at The Pink Couch

94 thoughts on “Plåsterskoj – Band-Aid fun

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  2. Manuela: Thanks! I’m glad you like it, good luck with your bandaids!

  3. My daughter and I found this on Pinterest, and are going to use the idea for one of her fundraisers for the Miss Wisconsin Teen pageant. So we were scrolling through and looking at the pictures and saw your little ones toes! We had a good laugh, because they look exactly like my 6 year olds little feet! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Jennifer: Thank you! I’m glad you liked the idea. My girls love these bandaids and they are perfect for bruised nails… 😀

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  6. Great idea. We love patches. We hapilly greet each scratch and cut and sometimes make some on purpose, because patches are so cool.. ;o) Gonna make some with robots! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a lovely idea. I’ll soon be retiring soon and thinking that this will be a simple thing for me to start with to do for my grandchildren. Such joy could be created from little boo-boos.

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  9. So fun! My toddler loves her patches (funny – she called them that without me ever using the term – smart cookie) These would be much less expensive than the Hello Kitty & Cars ones she insists we purchase! I bet she would love these!

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  23. Wonderful for children BUT it saved my appearance for my sons wedding!! The day before the big day I took a stumble and scraped elbow, hand, wrist and knee. Quick adjustment to outfit with scarf added hid some areas, but the beautiful covered band aides blended with my outfit and were much less noticeable than plain band aides!!!

    • Thank you for sharing this Dianne! It makes me so happy to read. 🙂 I hope your wounds heal quickly. All the best, /Helena

    • Thank you Nancy! The fabric didn’t fray because of the tape holding the fabric together. But if you wear the band aids several days I suspect that they might fray. 🙂 All the best /Helena

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